Essential Winter Tips For Your Home

According to government statistics, over eighty per cent of all energy used within the home is used on heating it. With recent energy price hikes - and indeed with more predicted – and as we descend into winter and the days turn colder, many people will find themselves searching for ways in which they can keep themselves warm - whilst desperately trying to save money by reducing fuel bills in the process! Indeed, there are many essential winter tips you can use in your home to help you save money this year during the cold season.

The top essential winter tip for your home that will cut energy bills has to be having good insulation. Not only will having a well insulated home save you money on fuel bills – perhaps up to two hundred pounds a year – but a well insulated and energy efficient home is also key to fighting climate change. In line with government goals for cutting carbon emissions there are even government grants available for help towards installing good insulation to your home - such as cavity wall insulation and loft insulation. Steps taken to reduce heat escaping can make a dramatic difference to how warm your house feels, how much you spend on heating your home, your carbon emissions and ultimately, your fuel bills.

You can also take smaller steps towards reducing heat loss by installing draft excluder`s under doors and on letter boxes. Obviously a big step and expense, is installing double glazing – however double glazing can in fact cut in half the heat lost through windows. If you do not have double glazing, check around your windows to feel for draughts and try using draught excluding tape strips to stop warm air escaping.

You should also make sure that your radiators are bled – so they are working at maximum capacity and also that your boiler pressure is correct. Empower yourself when it comes to your heating and hot water and use timers! Some energy suppliers are even piloting schemes to allow you to control your heating remotely - so if you are going to be late in from work, you can delay the heating coming on! Also, turn your thermostat down a degree or two! You will probably not notice the difference – but cumulatively the difference will be great!

Landlords should also take advantage of government schemes that can help them to insulate properties they are renting. With the housing market still quite unpredictable making your property more appealing to tenants is essential! So if you can offer them rented accommodation that is fully insulated and will mean they have less to pay on fuel bills, then you will certainly attract customers!

Indeed, tenants should stand up for their rights this winter! So, whether you are looking for leases in London or letting agents in Durham, ask about the type of insulation that is installed in the property you will be renting! Also enquire about any energy saving devices that come with the property and do not forget to contact energy supply companies to ensure you have the best tariff available.

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