EnergyLink Urge Bill-payers to Insulate in the Fight Against August Energy Price Hikes

8th June 2011

As the UK’s biggest energy suppliers prepare to increase prices by as much as a fifth, a leading industry body has urged households to offset the rises by insulating their homes.

Scottish Power caused fury among cash-strapped residents this week after it revealed plans for a hike in the price of gas (19%) and electricity (10%) from August, with the rest of the “big six” energy suppliers expected to follow suit in the coming weeks.

It is estimated that Scottish Power’s price rise will affect around 2.4 million households and those on a ‘duel fuel’ deal are likely to pay an average of £175 extra per annum.

However, households can avoid seeing their finances being severely dented by the impending hikes by insulating their homes.

The Government-backed Carbon Emissions Reduction Target (CERT) scheme allows homeowners and private tenants to access grants and offers that will help them significantly reduce their energy usage.

Under the Government grant scheme, anyone aged 70 or above – or receiving certain benefits – could be entitled to free Cavity Wall Insulation or loft Insulation that could have a dramatic impact on their energy bills.

All other private householders can apply for Loft Insulation grants and Cavity Wall Insulation grants which cover up to 70% of the installation cost, with the energy bill savings likely to far outweigh any initial outlay.

Industry estimates show that a poorly insulated home loses up to 60% of the heat generated within it. At the same time, a household which is properly insulated can save bill-payers around £265 per year on average. This also equates to a saving of around 1.4 tonnes of carbon. The monetary savings look set to be considerably higher once the scheduled price rises are taken into account.

As well as helping to keep properties warm in the Winter, Cavity Wall and Loft Insulation also helps keep homes cooler in the Summer

Price rises amongst all the country’s largest suppliers are anticipated to come on board before Winter and experts have predicted a late rush for both Government grant applications and the services of registered insulation firms as the UK approaches the colder months.

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