Save Money with an Eco-Friendly Home Makeover

14 June 2013

Householders could save money on their energy bills by applying an eco-friendly makeover to their home.

Under the Government’s latest energy-saving initiatives – the Green Deal and the Energy Company Obligation – householders can apply for financial assistance to make home improvements designed to reduce the amount of energy lost and, in turn, lower the cost of fuel bills.

What’s more, it doesn’t take piggy bank-breaking measures to see a difference.

Long Term Solutions

When it comes to conserving energy, there are a number of long term solutions available as part of the Green Deal. The likes of Solar PV Panels, Air Source Heat Pumps, and Ground Source Heat Pumps are excellent ways of efficiently heating a home. However, these are fairly expensive to install.

Householders planning on remaining in their property for a prolonged period (10+ years) can install these measures under the Green Deal safe in the knowledge that whilst savings may not be noticeable to start with, later down the line they will prove very cost-effective.

Solid Wall Insulation – which requires fitting thermal cladding to the exterior of a building – can be seen as somewhere between a long term and short term solution.

Short Term Solutions

Although labelled as short term solutions, the measures commented on below can also be considered as beneficial over the long term, they’re just less expensive.

Like Solid Wall Insulation, Cavity Wall Insulation is designed to keep the heat in. With 35% of energy lost through the walls, Cavity Wall Insulation is vital to slashing the cost of energy bills.

Loft Insulation is another fairly inexpensive way to prevent heat loss. 25% of heat is lost through the roof which again makes Loft Insulation essential for those looking to save money.

Pipework Insulation, Underfloor Insulation, and Hot Water Cylinder Insulation are also effective measures for saving money.

Each of these home improvement measures are available through the Green Deal.

Daily Solutions

In addition to making home improvements within the Green Deal framework, householders will find no shortage of cost-saving measures that can be undertaken on a daily basis.

Simple measures such as turning the thermostat down one degree, only boiling the required amount of water instead of a full kettle, or placing draught-excluders at the foot of doors may not save millions, but every little helps.

Whether you’re looking to fully refit your property or hoping to make minimal changes, a eco-friendly home makeover could leave you better off than you imagined.

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