Energy Saving Week Promotes Benefits of Insulation

21 October 2013

Home insulation is one of the measures being championed by the Energy Saving Trust as part of its Energy Saving Week.

The Trust devised Energy Saving Week as a platform to promote better energy usage across the UK. Running from October 21-25, the initiative examined a number of topics including heating, water, renewable technology, electrical appliances, and insulation.

Across the week, the Trust provided energy-saving tips, expert advice, and online Q&A sessions, as well as making appearances on BBC News, BBC Radio 4, and Sky News.

In the wake of announcements earlier this month from British Gas and SSE that fuel prices are on the rise, the information provided could be key to fending off rising fuel bills and cold homes.

According to the Trust, the installation of Cavity Wall Insulation could save you up to £140 a year. With the average cost of installation between £450 and £500, this means it could pay for itself in less than four years, making it an ideal long-term solution.

Cavity Wall Insulation is one of the measures available under the Green Deal, the Government’s flagship energy-efficiency scheme. Under the scheme, householders can take out a fixed rate loan to pay for the installation, repaying the borrowed amount via their electricity bill.

Low income households, those receiving designated benefits, and properties considered ‘hard to treat’ are also eligible for a non-repayable grant under the Energy Company Obligation to pay for Cavity Wall Insulation, allowing the savings to stretch even further.

Loft Insulation is another energy-saving measure being promoted during Energy Saving Week.

According to the Energy Saving Trust, insulation a loft that has no insulation with 270mm (10 inches) of Loft Insulation can save £180 per year. Even a property with existing Loft Insulation can benefit, with those being topped up from 100mm to 270mm saving on average an additional £25 a year.

Like Cavity Wall Insulation, funding for Loft Insulation can be obtained through the Green Deal and Energy Company Obligation.

Insulation isn’t the only measure being endorsed during Energy Saving Week. From switching to energy saving light bulbs and switching the television off to fitting solar panels and replacing boilers, the Energy Saving Trust is offering plenty of tips on saving energy and cutting bills.

List of Potential Savings Courtesy of Energy Saving Trust (Annual savings in parenthesis)

• Loft Insulation (£180)
• Cavity Wall Insulation (£140)
• Solid Wall Insulation (£490)
• Floor Insulation (£60)
• Insulate water tank (£45)
• Replace old boiler (£310)
• Fit double glazing (£180)
• Avoid leaving devices on standby (£50-£90)
• Upgrading appliances for energy efficient models (£23)
• Installing water-efficient shower head (£75)
• Draught-proofing windows and doors (£30)
• Using energy efficient light bulbs (£30)
• Use kitchen appliances carefully (£55)
• Installing thermostat (£70)

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