Green Deal Assessments Proving Popular But No Live Plans In Place

27 June 2013

The Government’s Green Deal scheme is gaining traction but logistical problems continue to prevent it from really taking off.

Figures released this week by the Department of Energy and Climate Change (DECC), the Governmental body responsible for the scheme, show that nearly 40,000 assessments have been lodged since the scheme was launched at the end of January.

Of the 38,259 plans lodged, 245 have advanced to the planning stage. 241 of these plans are considered ‘new’ while four are ‘pending’, which means a financial agreement is in place and work, including Loft Insulation and Cavity Wall Insulation, has finalised details been carried out but has yet to be sent through to the energy company for repayment purposes. None are yet ‘live’.

The figures show that 5,118 Green Deal cashback vouchers have been issued, with 968 being paid to a total sum of £263,452.

“The Green Deal is an ambitious and uniquely long-term programme designed to upgrade the energy efficiency of Britain’s homes,” Greg Barker, Minister for Energy and Climate Change, said in response to the figures. “It’s only just getting started, but the early signs are encouraging.

“38,259 Green Deal assessments is a clear sign that many consumers genuinely want to make their homes more efficient; but we are keen to do more.

“Getting software systems running and finance into place for Green Deal Plans to be signed has taken time, so the numbers here are lower. The very first wave of Green Deal Finance Providers have only just got their individual finance terms and conditions in place and gone live with their software systems that operate this whole new product.

“However, now the first five are up and running, the good news is that we expect up to 50 authorised finance providers to be active by the end of the year, massively increasing the access to finance in the market

“It will take time as this brand new market finds its legs, but I now expect the number of plans signed to start steadily rising.”

The number of Green Deal assessor organisations is also rising, with the latest figures showing 206 organisations are now accredited, with 1,798 credited advisors between them.

The Government’s other carbon saving initiative, the Energy Company Obligation (ECO), meanwhile is proving popular.

As of June 16, 81,798 energy saving measures had been installed under the scheme. 56% of these measures related to Loft Insulation, 33% to Cavity Wall Insulation, and 10% to boiler repair.

A total of £131 million worth of contracts has now passed through ECO brokerage. Barker describes this as “just the start.”

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