Green Deal Set To Have ‘Huge Impact’

4 June 2013

The Green Deal – the Government’s flagship energy efficiency initiative – is set to have a ‘huge impact’, according to the minister in charge of the flagship scheme.

Writing for Politics First, Gregory Barker, Minister of State for Energy and Climate Change heralded the initiative launched earlier this year as well as its sister scheme, the rebooted Energy Company Obligation (ECO).

The Green Deal

The Green Deal – which was officially launched on 28 January 2013 – offers householders an upfront loan to cover the cost of making energy efficient home improvements to their property.

Under the scheme, householders can improve heating systems, glazing, and insulation through a number of different measures, including Cavity Wall Insulation, Loft Insulation, and Solid Wall Insulation.

“The Green Deal offers millions of people the choice of an array of affordable energy efficiency products to help individuals stay warm for less,” explains Barker.

“UK buildings account for 38% of total [carbon] emissions and are among the least efficient in Europe. Millions of our homes lack decent double-glazing, proper insulation or even an efficient boiler.”

Describing the scheme as ‘revolutionary’ and ‘aspirational’, Barker continues: “As far as UK consumers are concerned, the Green Deal is set to have a huge impact on bills.

Energy Company Obligation

Like the Green Deal, the ECO provides financial assistance to those looking to make energy efficient home improvements. Cavity Wall Insulation, Loft Insulation, and Solid Wall Insulation are again amongst the measures that can be upgraded.

The ECO however focuses on low income households, providing grants to those unable to foot the bill. According to Barker, the scheme will annually provide half a billion pounds of assistance.

In addition, a number of other existing schemes are helping tackle the problem of fuel poverty. The Warm Home Discount scheme and winter fuel payments continue to help pensioners across the country.

Moving Forward

While praising the current schemes in place, Barker also points out that there is more to be done as we move forward.

There has been a ‘modest fall’ in the number of households living in fuel poverty, but more is required if the Government is to help more

“In the last three years, we have achieved a great deal but we are under absolutely no illusion that there is a lot more to do. But we are determined to finish the job.”

Politics First is a bi-monthly publication designed to offer non-partisan political news and coverage.

To read Greg Barker’s article in full, click here.

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