60,000 Jobs Supported By Green Deal

8 March 2013

The Government has revealed that more than 60,000 jobs will be supported by the Green Deal.

Speaking at Ecobuild, Michael Fallon, Business and Enterprise Minister, reported that the Government’s flagship green scheme will be responsible for 60,000 jobs in the insulation sector alone.

The figure represents a 26% increase on the number working within the sector in 2011.

The Green Deal – which was introduced on 28 January – is designed to cut the cost of energy bills by switching to greener measures. These measures – which total 45 – include Cavity Wall Insulation and Solid Wall Insulation.

The Government believes that these measures will pave the way for consumer savings.

“The potential is enormous,” Fallon stated. “Eight million houses could benefit from Solid Wall Insulation and four million from Cavity Wall Insulation.”

The Green Deal provides a loan for those households looking to make energy efficient improvements. The loan itself is linked in to the property instead of the householder.

The initiative has already proved popular with a large number of customers, including a high proportion of landlords.

The scheme has led to an increase in the number of companies – both small and large – offering insulation. Solid Wall Insulation is considered the best way to save lost energy while Cavity Wall Insulation is an inexpensive measure that can quickly save the householder money.

News that the Green Deal will boost employment during the economic downturn, as well as provide consumer savings, is being heralded a success by the Government as it looks to improve what is already considered to be a successful green industry.

Fallon claims that the UK’s green sector is the sixth largest in the world.

“Our green sector is a success story,” he said. “It’s not only firmly entrenched but growing.”

The Ecobuild event – “the world’s leading event for sustainable design, construction and the built environment” – took place at London’s ExCeL Centre from March 4-6. The event coincided with Climate Week, which saw thousands of events promoting better living through green measures.

The Green Deal provided a focal point of many of the events taking place during Climate Week as well as those topics of discussion tackled at Ecobuild.

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