Industry Insiders Back the Green Deal Despite Slow Start

18 July 2013

While critics have been quick to label the Green Deal a failure, industry insiders are throwing their support behind the Government initiative, deeming it a ‘great deal’.

The Green Deal, which launched on 28 January 2013, is the Government's latest attempt to cut carbon emissions, improve energy efficiency and cut the cost of fuel bills.

The scheme provides upfront finance for those looking to make energy saving home improvements, such as installing Cavity Wall Insulation and Loft Insulation, replacing a heating system or fitting double glazing. All told, more than 40 home improvement measures are included beneath the Green Deal banner, including advanced microgeneration processes like solar and wind power.

The Government hopes to improve the energy efficiency of some 14 million homes before 2020.

But uptake on the scheme has been slow. The latest figures from the Department of Energy and Climate Change (DECC) show that while nearly 45,000 Green Deal assessments – which are carried out to establish which measures would suit a specific property – have been carried out, the number of householders moving forward with the scheme is just 306.

The slow uptake has led to plenty of criticism, but now industry leaders are lending their voice to the Green Deal cause. The National Association of Professional Inspectors and Testers (NAPIT) is one organisation backing the scheme.

“Energy efficiency is clearly a priority for both homebuyers and tenants, especially as bills continue to rise,” explains David Cowburn, NAPIT Director of Standards.

“This demand may have the potential to make the Green Deal a great deal for both homeowners and landlords who from 2018 should not be able to lawfully let premises' with poor energy efficiency ratings.

“Considering that 46 per cent of properties in England currently have a band D Energy Performance Certificate rating , these statistics from DECC really do speak volumes about the potential of the Green Deal, the overwhelming number of properties that need to make energy efficiency improvements, and the potential for thousands to benefit financially too.”

Cowburn isn't alone in his support of the scheme.

Thomas Farquhar, Marketing Manager at Easy Green Deal, a Green Deal accreditation provider, recently told The Installer: “The Green Deal is a great scheme for those who are concerned about the amount of energy their properties consume. It is a long term answer to excessive energy use and is designed to make a real difference not just to homeowners' pockets but also to their overall energy efficiency and energy spend.”

The Green Deal offers householders an opportunity to cut their energy bill. It is estimated that installing Cavity Wall Insulation can save up to £135 per year, installing Solid Wall Insulation can save up to £475, and installing Loft Insulation can save up to £175 annually.

But the financial benefits go beyond merely saving money. As previously reported, it has estimated that improvements made as part of the Green Deal can add an average of £16,000 to the value of a property.

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