Insulate To Keep Up With Your Neighbours

1 October 2013

Bill payers will be able to compare their energy costs with other nearby households thanks to a new online toolkit managed by energy supplier, E.ON.

The Saving Energy Toolkit – launched on 1 October – allows E.ON customers to login to their online account and see how much they are spending and where they are spending it, with categories separated into heating, lighting, hot water, electrical appliances, and other. A similar physical device is currently being rolled out by British Gas.

The E.ON toolkit will allow customers to compare the cost of their electricity and gas with those of other anonymous E.ON customers nearby.

"We've been speaking to our customers and it's clear from these conversations that there is wide-scale enthusiasm to have more insight and understanding about their household's energy usage,” explained Anthony Ainsworth, Sales and Marketing Director at E.ON.

“We're committed to helping our customers use no more energy than they need and our online Saving Energy Toolkit will help people achieve this."

The move comes as the Government continues to push for energy companies, particularly E.ON and the rest of the ‘Big Six’, to aid their customers in cutting the cost of fuel bills. Earlier this year these companies were forced to reduce the number of tariffs they offered to make things clearer for the consumer.

E.ON hopes that if its customers can clearly see the savings they can make, they will make behavioural changes relating to their energy usage.

The move could also see an increase in those installing Loft Insulation, Cavity Wall Insulation, and Solid Wall Insulation under the Government’s energy efficiency initiatives, the Green Deal and Energy Company Obligation.

Insulation is one of the most effective ways of reducing energy usage. By preventing heat and energy from being lost, a household can save hundreds of pounds every year on their fuel bill.

According to the Energy Saving Trust, the installation of Cavity Wall Insulation can knock £140 off an annual bill, while Loft Insulation can save £180 every year. Older properties that apply Solid Wall Insulation can benefit to the tune of £475 per annum.

All of these measures are available via the Green Deal, an innovative loan scheme that pays for home improvements and is repaid via a property’s electricity bill. Alternatively, households meeting certain requirements will be eligible for a free non-repayable grant under to pay for such measures as part of the Energy Company Obligation.

E.ON, which offers insulation under the Energy Company Obligation, is hoping that the Saving Energy Toolkit generates a case of keeping up with the Joneses amongst its customers, with those not saving as much as their neighbours seeking out money-saving improvements.

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