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28 March 2013

The general public is behind the Government investing in green industries, a recent report has revealed.

Nearly 60% of those questioned believe the Government can aid economic recovery by creating jobs within the green industry.

The survey – which questioned 2,017 people – was conducted by Opinium on behalf of Carbon Brief, a London-based website that monitors climate and energy stories reported in the media.

The survey found that 57% of people felt that installing energy-generating and energy-saving measures such as wind turbines and Loft Insulation could lead to economic recovery.

Only 30% of those questioned believe that “green industries are not yet sufficiently developed to create new jobs” and would prefer the Government to focus on non-green jobs.

Of those questioned, 31% believe that the Government should make the economy a priority and put climate change improvements on the backburner. 19% feel that preventing climate change is more important that steadying the economy.

However, 41% believe that it is possible for the Government to promote economic recovery and tackle climate change at the same time.

The Green Deal and Green Investment

The survey results and the seemingly positive response green investment is receiving will be good news for the Government, which launched its energy efficiency scheme, the Green Deal, on 28th January.

The scheme is aimed at improving the energy efficiency of households and reducing carbon emissions by offering householders an upfront loan to pay for Solid Wall Insulation, Cavity Wall Insulation, and Loft Insulation, all of which can slash energy bills for regular households.

As previously reported, 10% of coal and oil-fired power stations are set to close in the UK before next winter. With the cost of importing oil from abroad rising, it is expected that more and more people will be looking to improve insulation – be it via Cavity Wall Insulation, Solid Wall Insulation, or Loft Insulation – in order to at least prevent energy bills rising in price.

As well as cutting the cost of energy bills, the scheme has been implemented in order to create new jobs. Ed Davey, Secretary of State for Energy and Climate Change, recently stated that the Green Deal will be responsible for 60,000 jobs in the insulation industry alone.

As well as creating jobs for Green Deal assessors and advisors, the number of installation experts offering Cavity Wall Insulation, Solid Wall Insulation, and Loft Insulation is expected to increase significantly, including those new to the trade.

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