Save While You Store With Loft Insulation Boards

11 September 2013

While the Government is busy promoting Loft Insulation under its energy efficiency initiatives, householders are being advised of the additional benefits of loft boards which allow them to use their attic for storage without hindering the effectiveness of the insulation itself.

According to the Energy Saving Trust, up to 25% of energy is lost through a property's roof. This figure can be greatly reduced through insulation. The Government therefore hopes to fit Loft Insulation into nearly 6 million UK properties through its Energy Company Obligation (ECO) and Green Deal schemes. However, simple insulation may not be the full answer.

It has been established that some households face the prospect of hampering any Loft Insulation by storing boxes and other items on top of the fibre blankets used to insulate. 82% of households actively use their loft for storage, but restricting the fibre wool – which should be 270mm deep – can reduce its effectiveness to just 50%.

The effectiveness of Loft Insulation can be improved by the use of raised loft boards.

Loft boards, such as those manufactured by Styroloft, are laid on joists raised above the optimum 270mm depth by the use of stilts. They are robust enough to stand on without impacting the fibre wool below. This also means that heavy boxes, suitcases, and almost anything else that makes up your typical attic clutter, can be stored safely while the Loft Insulation does its job.

While loft boards are not covered under the grant scheme advertised on this website, they offer further financial savings to those looking to store items and reduce the cost of energy bills through insulation.

Of course, loft boards are unlikely to help save on energy bills if the insulation isn't fitted first.

Under the Energy Company Obligation, those households meeting the necessary criteria are eligible for a non-repayable grant to fund Loft Insulation. Those receiving specific Government–paid benefits and those in what are considered ‘hard to treat’ properties are amongst those that can benefit.

Those that do not meet the criteria for an ECO grant can still benefit from the Green Deal. Under this scheme, Loft Insulation – as well as more than 40 other measures – can be installed and paid for with a Green Deal loan. This loan is repayable over a period of up to 25 years against a property's electricity bill. Under the scheme, the cost of repayment must not exceed the sum of savings made.

Those that wish to use their loft for storage after insulation has been fitted would then benefit from buying loft boards. Again, these are not currently covered by the Government's schemes but still represent the opportunity to make even greater savings.

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