TV’s Tommy Walsh Ushers In Solent Green Deal

17 June 2013

Celebrity builder Tommy Walsh was on hand Friday to unveil the Solent Green Deal, a new council initiative designed to help South Hampshire residents cut the cost of energy bills.

Walsh, best known for his appearances in television shows Ground Force and Tommy’s D.I.Y. Survival, joined local councillors and residents at an Eastleigh property that has been specially converted to showcase energy efficient home improvement measures available under the scheme.

The Solent Green Deal will enable local residents to obtain upfront funding for home improvement measures such as Cavity Wall Insulation, Loft Insulation and boiler replacement.

The funding for these improvements is paid back over a period of up to 25 years through a property’s electric bill, but under Government guidelines, the cost of repayment must not exceed the sum saved by making the improvements. This ‘golden rule’ has been implemented so that households will not be out of pocket.

“I am honoured to launch the Solent Green Deal,” Walsh said. “[This] is a great way for people across Hampshire to get the best out of the Government initiative to make home improvements, increase energy efficiency and ultimately save money.

“There are so many things people can do to reduce the cost of their bills and keep their homes warmer. I want to raise awareness of the Green Deal so everyone can benefit and it’s great that Hampshire have launched their own scheme to make it easier for people to get involved.”

The Solent Green Deal currently comprises of Southampton City Council, Eastleigh Borough Council, and Portsmouth City Council, with other local councils expected to join in the coming months. The scheme is supported by the Partnership for Urban South Hampshire (PUSH).

The council scheme will oversee each step of the process, from initial inspections through financing deals to the final installation. It is hoped that this will provide residents with a straightforward option when it comes to slashing energy bills.

“We’ll remove the concerns of having an unknown company coming in to their home as well as provide a council assessor and trustworthy quotes from local installers,” said Alex Parmley, a representative of the Solent Green Deal. “We’re not a private company so they can rest assured we will always be acting with their individual interests at heart.

“People will feel the difference in their warmer homes and see it in their reduced energy bills though the impartial service the Solent Green Deal has to offer.”

South Hampshire residents wishing to learn more about the Solent Green Deal, Cavity Wall Insulation, and Loft Insulation can visit the specially converted show home at 48 Atlantic Park View, Eastleigh, which is open to the general public.

In addition to displaying home improvement measures available under the scheme, the property also features exhibits and demonstration models, touchscreen informational panels, and an electricity-generating exercise bicycle.

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