Various grants are available to Private Tenants through the Energy Companies Obligation (ECO) to cover some or all of the cost of Home Insulation.

The main requirement is that you seek verbal permission from your landlord before making an application through EnergyLink. Please visit the following pages for more details:

Councils and Housing Associations organise their own schemes. We can only assist if you are renting from a private landlord or if you own more than 50% of a Council/Housing Association property.

Landlords click here before applying

If your loft has less than 4 inches (100mm) of insulation already installed, you should qualify to have it topped up to a depth of 11 inches (270mm). This could save you up to £150 per year on your energy bills. Read more about Loft Insulation.

If the property was built of brick between 1924 and 1982, it is likely to have cavity walls. Providing they have not already been insulated, filling the cavity could save you up to £145 on your energy bills. Read more about Cavity Wall Insulation.

Insulating Solid Wall properties built of stone/concrete or built of brick prior to 1924 could be losing as much as 45% of the heat inside. Fitting External Wall Insulation could save up to £270 per year. Read more about External Wall Insulation.

  • Private tenants, NOT Council or Housing Assoc.
  • Domestic properties only, not businesses.
  • Existing loft insulation under 4".
  • Property built from 1924 to 1982 for Cavity Wall.
  • No damp in the walls for or Loft.
  • Landlord is aware of grant application.

How To Apply

Simply complete our online application form. This will tell you if you are likely to qualify for a grant and determine whether your property is likely to be suitable.

You should make your landlord aware that you are making the application beforehand, just in case they are likely to object. However, you can do this shortly after completing the form but before the survey.

What Happens Next

Once you complete the application form, if you qualify for a grant, your details will be passed to an approved Installer in your local area. They will contact you by telephone to arrange a free, no-obligation survey of the property.

The surveyor will check that the property is suitable for home insulation. They will also verify your entitlement to a grant.

If you would like to go ahead, the installer will arrange suitable dates for the work to be carried out. They will also seek written permission from your landlord before going ahead.

The installer will claim the grant funding on your behalf to cover the cost of the work.

N.B. We cannot accept grant applications from Council or Housing Association Tenants.
(unless you own more than 50% of the property)

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Enter your postcode, products and circumstances into our form to see which grant you are likely to qualify for.
Enter your contact details so we can arrange a free, no-obligation survey by an approved installer.
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