FREE Room in Roof Insulation!

Grants are available to pay for the entire cost of having loft rooms insulated. If you receive a benefit that qualifies or your property does not have mains gas then you should qualify for a 100% grant to pay for Room in Roof Insulation. Even if you don't qualify, you can still claim up to 70% of the cost.

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Who qualifies for a Room in Roof Insulation Grant?

FREE Room in Roof Insulation is available if you receive one of the following income-related benefits:

  • Pension Guarantee Credit
  • Income Support
  • Income-Based Jobseekers Allowance
  • Income-Related Employment Support Allowance
  • Child Tax Credit *
  • Working Tax Credit *
  • Universal Credit *

* Household income limits apply.

You can also qualify for a 100% grant if your property is not connected to the gas grid and it is heated by other means such as electric fires, portable heaters, solid fuel fires, etc.

Grants of up to 70% can also be claimed by anyone who does not meet the above criteria. This will leave a contribution to pay in the region of £300 to £500.

You also need to own or privately rent the property and it must also be occupied i.e. not empty or undergoing refurbishment. You can also apply if you own 50% or more of a Housing Association property but please mention this in the notes below. There must also be a fixed staircase leading to the rooms and not a pull down ladder, etc. The walls and ceiling should also have little or no insulating material present.

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Additional Information:

N.B. If you do not receive a qualifying benefit or your property has mains gas,
you will have to pay a contribution in the region of £300 to £500

The grant funding is part of the Government's Energy Companies Obligation scheme. The main Energy Suppliers such as British Gas, NPower, etc. have to pay for Insulation in private, domestic households.

Many older properties that were originally built with a loft room or 'Room-in-Roof' were not insulated at the time. If insulation was installed, it is often inadequate by modern standards. Loft conversions that were carried out more than 30 years ago are also likely to be poorly insulated, if at all. Many loft rooms are therefore cold and difficult or impossible to heat.

What is Room-in-Roof Insulation?

Insulating batts are secured to the walls and the sloping part of the ceiling. Slabs of insulating material are fitted between the batts and plasterboard is secured over the insulation. The room is then skimmed ready for decoration. In some circumstances, insulation boards can be pushed up into the roof behind the sloping part of the ceiling and also secured behind the walls.

If there is a traditional loft space above the rooms, this will also be insulated by laying rolls of glass fibre insulation on the floor of the loft. There is little disrupton and the whole process is usually completed in a day or two.

Room in Roof Insulation

Room-in-Roof FAQ's

Is it really Free?
If you receive a qualifying benefit or the property is not on the gas grid, in most cases it is free but a small contribution is sometimes required, depending on the efficiency of the property.

What if I don't qualify?
Even if you're not entitled to a 100% grant, you can still claim up to 70% off the cost.

Is the survey Free and how long does it take?
Yes, the survey is free and it typically takes up to two hours.

Will I have to clear the room out?
Yes, the room will need to be empty before the work begins. It does not need to be removed before the survey.

How long does the work take?
Most installations are completed in one day.

What about skirting boards, radiators, sockets and light fittings?
Skirting boards are removed but you will need to replace them. Light fittings and switches are removed and replaced. Radiators are not removed but insulated around, unless you remove and replace them.

Is decoration included in the grant?
No, the walls and ceilings will be ready for decoration when the job is complete.

Energy Bill Savings

If your loft room is not insulated, you could be losing up to 25% of the heat generated in your home. Insulating the walls and ceiling of the loft room could save you up to £150 per year on your heating bills.

How can EnergyLink help?

EnergyLink Ltd. can arrange a free, no-obligation survey of your property. If you are happy to proceed after the survey, our approved installer will arrange for the work to be carried out. Once the Insulation has been fitted, they will claim the grant from an Energy Supplier or a Green Deal Provider to cover the full cost of the work.

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