The two main considerations are whether the householder is likely to qualify for a Cavity or Loft Insulation grant and also whether the property is suitable to have insulation installed.

Who qualifies for an Insulation Grant?

As long as you own the property or rent it from a private landlord (i.e. not Council/Housing Association) then you will be entitled to claim a grant.

Council or Housing Association tenants may be entitled to grant assistance providing they own half or more of the property.

Cavity Wall Insulation is generally free of charge to everyone - your location and personal circumstances do not matter. Loft Insulation is free if you live in a low-income postcode area, otherwise grants of 50% to 100% are available to everyone else. Roof room insulation is also free to everyone.

The property must also be occupied at the time of the survey and there must be a gas or electricity bill in the occupier's name.

What types of property qualify?

To qualify for a Cavity Wall Insulation grant, it may sound obvious but the property must have cavity walls. Typically, it will be brick-built and constructed between 1924 and 1982. Before 1924 it will more likely be solid brick and after 1982 it should already be insulated. See our Cavity Wall Insulation page for more details.

Loft Insulation Grants are for blankets of insulation laid on the floor of a loft. As long as you have a loft that is accessible and has less than 75mm of material already fitted then you should be entitled to a grant to have it insulated to a depth of 270mm. Visit our Loft Insulation page for further information.

You can apply for a Room in Roof insulation grant if the property was originally built with roof rooms or the loft has been converted. As long as there is minimal or no insulation present and there is a fixed staircase, and not a pull-down loft ladder or similar, you should qualify for a grant. Visit our Room in Roof Insulation page for further information.

100% grants are subject to a free, no-obligation survey. In most cases it is free but you
may be asked to pay a small contribution, depending on the size and efficiency of the property.

What if you don't qualify?

Everyone can claim a grant for Cavity Wall or Loft Insulation as long as they meet the criteria above. A grant of up to 25% can also be claimed towards the cost of External Wall Insulation. Unfortunately, there are no grants for other types of insulation including the following:

  • Internal Wall Insulation
  • Pitched/Sloping Roof Insulation
  • Flat Roof Insulation

How can EnergyLink help?

Our Application Form will let you know if you qualify for a Cavity/Loft grant and also whether it is likely to be 100% funded. After you have filled in the form, we will check to see if the property is likely to be suitable using the EPC register and/or Google Streetview.

Following initial checks, we will allocate you to an accredited installer who operates in your area. If you provide an email address, we will send you the installer's full contact details. They will telephone you to organise a convenient date and time to carry out a free survey.

The surveyor will confirm the grant amount and if your property can have insulation, an installation date will be arranged if you would like to proceed.

100% grants are subject to a free, no-obligation survey. In most cases it is free but you
may be asked to pay a small contribution, depending on the size and efficiency of the property.

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