Don’t Leave it Too Late to Insulate

FreeInsulation Blog - 30th July 2019

With insulation being designed to last the lifetime of the property and wall insulation coming with an independent 25 year guarantee, there is no wrong time to insulate your home. However, there is a better time to choose to insulate your property and believe it or not, it is in the spring or summer.


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It is a little known fact that insulation actually helps keep your property cool in the summer as well as warm in the winter! This means your home will be kept at a more comfortable level, even when it is hot outside. Of course, everyone is aware of the benefits of insulation in winter – loft, roof and wall insulation prevent heat escaping and keep the cold out, therefore saving you money on heating bills but bear in mind the summer benefits too.

Whilst we endeavor to provide the best service all year around, why not use the quieter months to your advantage? Installing your insulation in the spring/summer means shorter waiting times, less risk of adverse weather conditions preventing installers accessing your property and a more efficient service as a whole due to lower demand. It also means you will no longer have to tolerate any hot temperatures once your insulation is installed and you will be prepared for the freezing winter months, making you much more comfortable in your home. Insulation also reduces your environmental impact by lowering your carbon footprint.

Be prepared for all seasons and conditions in the quickest possible time and get your insulation installed in the summer months by filling out our application form now.

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