Free Home Insulation Grants See if you qualify:


The Great British Insulation Scheme is aimed at households living in the least energy efficient homes to help them reduce their annual heating bills.

(Please note – since this is a relatively new scheme, we are currently only taking applications from homeowners in England and Wales who require Cavity Wall Insulation

GBIS grants are aimed at the following groups:

  1. Low income group, ie those in receipt of income-related benefits, credits and allowances;
  2. General group, ie those NOT in receipt of income-related benefits, credits and allowances ie those who may not have qualified under other grant schemes.


  1. Low income group – Someone living permanently in the property must be in receipt of a qualifying income-related benefit and your property must have an EPC Rating of D-G.
  2. General group – Your property must be in a Council Tax band of A-D in England, or A-E in Wales; and your property must have an EPC Rating of D-G.

Check your EPC RATING here (England and Wales);

Check your COUNCIL TAX BAND here (England and Wales);

We will allocate your application to an approved Installer/Surveyor who has access to the grant funding. They will need to carry out a free, no-obligation survey of your property before any measures are installed. They will inform you if there is a contribution to pay towards the cost of the installation before you go ahead. In some cases it will be a 100% free grant; in others, heavily discounted.

Note – Customers in the General Group, may have to contribute on average 10% towards the insulation measures selected.

Cavity Wall Insulation – your property should not have any cavity wall insulation installed. The Scheme does not include the extraction of cavity wall insulation that has been installed previously.