Top Ten Reasons to Install External Wall Insulation

FreeInsulation Blog - 14th August 2020

If your home has solid walls that are not insulated, installing external wall insulation has many benefits for your property, your finances and the environment. We look at the top ten reasons why you should have it installed.

Be more comfortable
A well insulated property will help to ensure that the heat being produced in your home is not lost through the walls, roof or floor. It also helps prevent heat from entering your home during the warmer summer months. This means a more even temperature inside the property all year round making you much more comfortable.

Save money on bills
As the heat inside is prevented from escaping, your heating system does not have to work as hard so it can be turned on less often and for shorter periods of time. This results in large savings on energy bills, especially if the heating is controlled by thermostats. According to the Energy Saving Trust, fitting external wall insulation can produce the following savings:

  • Detached = £375
  • Semi-detached = £225
  • Bungalow = £150
  • Mid terrace = £145
  • Flat = £105

Reduce carbon emissions
As well as reducing energy bills, installing home insulation also cuts harmful carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions which contribute to global warming. Most heating systems use fossil fuels such as gas which produce CO2 when they are burned. Even properties heated by electricity can produce CO2 if that electricity comes from power stations that burn fossil fuel. The Energy Saving Trust have estimated the following annual CO2 savings that can be made by installing external wall insulation:

    • Detached = 1540 kg
    • Semi-detached = 930 kg
    • Bungalow = 620 kg
    • Mid terrace = 590 kg
    • Flat = 425 kg

/external wall insulation
Improved appearance
Depending on the existing condition of your property, insulating the walls from the outside can dramatically approve it’s appearance. A wide variety of finishes are available such as textured or smooth render that can be painted in a variety of colours. It is also possible to have brick and even stone effect finishes that can replicate the existing appearance.

Increased sound resistance
Whilst thermal insulation is not as effective as acoustic insulation, it does help to block some of the noise from outside. This is especially important for homes located on or near busy main roads, industrial areas, flight paths, etc.

Increased property value
The insulation costs in the region of £7,000 to £15,000 so having it installed instantly adds value to your home. Many potential buyers also look at the Energy Performance Certificate of a property. If there are several similar properties in an area, they may opt for one that has a higher energy rating because it is well insulated.

As the insulation is weatherproof, it will protect the exterior of the property from the elements. This can help to prevent the ingress of water which could cause damp inside your home. Well insulated walls also help to prevent condensation as any moisture in the air will be less likely to condense on the warmer walls.

Ease of installation
Solid walls can also be insulated from inside but this takes up some floor space and it can be disruptive. Items such as light switches, sockets, skirting boards and radiators all have to be removed and re-fitted during the process. External wall insulation also involves the removal and re-fitting of fixtures such as drainpipes, security lights, alarm boxes, etc. but it will have little impact on your enjoyment of the property while it is being installed.

25 year guarantee
Once the work has been completed, a 25 year guarantee will be issued by either SWIGA, GDGC or Kinnell. This protects the householder in the event of any failures caused by defective materials or workmanship.

Grants available
A small amount of grant funding is currently available for external wall insulation. This is provided by the Energy Companies Obligation (ECO) grant scheme and can cover up to 25% of the cost of the work. In September 2020, the UK Government are introducing the Green Homes Grant scheme for property owners in England. This will provide £5,000 vouchers to cover up to 66% of the cost of home insulation. Low income families will also be entitled to a £10,000 voucher which can cover the entire cost of having solid wall insulation installed.

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