Close to 19,000 Green Deal Assessments Lodged

14 May 2013

The number of Green Deal assessments lodged since the scheme was launched in January has risen to nearly 19,000, the latest Government statistics show.

Green Deal Assessments

The latest statistics released by the Department of Energy and Climate Change (DECC) show that a total of 18,816 Green Deal assessments have been carried out since the Green Deal was launched on 28th January in England and Wales, and 25th February in Scotland.

Green Deal assessments involve a certified assessor evaluating the energy efficiency of a property and making recommendations based on which improvements (Loft Insulation, Cavity Wall Insulation, draught-proofing, and many others) have the potential to reduce the cost of energy bills.

The number of assessments lodged each month breaks down as follows:

January:                  74 assessments
February:           1,729 assessments
March:                7,491 assessments
April:                  9,522 assessments
TOTAL:           18,816 assessments

The 9,522 Green Deal assessments carried out during the month of April represents the most in any one month since the scheme was initiated. It also represents 50.6% of the overall number of assessments carried out.

Commenting on the publication of the statistics, Energy and Climate Change Minister Greg Barker said:

“The Green Deal market is showing healthy signs of growth since its launch at the end of January with 18,816 Green Deal assessments carried out by the end of April. That’s over double the amount of assessments undertaken by the end of March.

“It’s still early days for this long term initiative, but this is a clear sign of growing interest from consumers, with people keen to improve the efficiency of their homes to make them warmer and help save money on bills.”
Green Deal Assessor Organisations

In addition to a growth in the number of Green Deal assessments lodged the number of assessor organisations and Green Deal advisors is also on the rise.

According to the DECC’s statistics, 152 Green Deal assessor organisations are now registered, an increase in 44 over those registered at the end of March (108).

These organisations now employ 1,274 advisors, an increase of 271 over those employed at the end of March (1,003).

Barker also confirmed further growth.

“As the number of householders getting on board continues to rise, the number of businesses offering Green Deal services is also building momentum.

“At the end of April there were 55 authorised Green Deal providers, 1,274 individuals registered to carry out assessments and 942 organisations signed up to carry out installations.

“It’s fantastic to see householders and businesses cottoning on to the benefits and rising to the challenge.”

The next report from DECC – which will also contain information relating to the number of measures installed under the Green Deal – will be released on 27th June 2013 (9:30 am).

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