300 Households Taking Advantage of Green Deal; ECO Powering Ahead

18 July 2013

More than 300 households in England and Wales are taking advantage of the Government's Green Deal while another 100,000 are benefiting from the Energy Company Obligation (ECO), the latest Government figures show.

Statistics released by the Department of Energy and Climate Change (DECC) show that 306 Green Deal Plans are in the system as of the end of June, compared to 100 at the end of May.

The Green Deal allows householders to make energy efficient home improvements, such as Cavity Wall Insulation, Solid Wall Insulation, and Loft Insulation, without the need for upfront capital. Under the scheme, a loan is repaid through a property's fuel bill.

Of the 306 plans currently in the system, 270 are considered ‘new’, meaning the customer has received a quote and is happy to proceed with the plan. The remaining 36 are considered ‘pending’, meaning the customer has signed a plan and is waiting for the installation of energy efficiency measures. One these measures are installed, the plan will become ‘live’.

Furthermore, DECC confirms that 44,479 Green Deal assessments have been lodged since the scheme launched at the end of January. 13,517 of these assessments, which are conducted to pinpoint which measures are suitable for a property, were completed in June, representing an 11% increase on May's figures.

A total of 6,224 cashback vouchers have been issued, with 3,449 of these having been cashed. Of those cashed, all but 27 have been for boiler replacements, with nine for Loft Insulation, five for Solid Wall Insulation, and four for Cavity Wall Insulation. The value of these vouchers is £933,866.

A total of 226 Green Deal assessment organisations now exist, employing 1,919 Green Deal assessors.

While Green Deal uptake has been slow, the Energy Company Obligation continues to power ahead.

The ECO, which runs in conjunction with the Green Deal, has been established to aid low income and vulnerable consumers, as well as those in properties that are considered ‘hard to treat’. Those eligible for financial assistance under the scheme will receive either part or full funding for a number of energy-saving home improvements, again including Cavity Wall Insulation, Solid Wall Insulation, and Loft Insulation.

The latest DECC figures show that 115,723 measures had been installed under the scheme up to the end of May. 33,765 of these were installed in May alone.

The most common improvement made under the scheme is Loft Insulation (50%), followed by Cavity Wall Insulation (34%) and boiler replacement (14%).

The report shows that £145 million of contracts have now been brokered via ECO.

Greg Barker, Minister for Energy and Climate Change has welcomed the news as it relates to both the Green Deal and ECO.

“It is very early days in the Green Deal but over 100,000 homes already have measures installed and now innovative private finance is beginning to flow,” he said. “We must remember that the Green Deal is an ambitious long-term programme that's only just getting started.

“More finance providers are becoming active in the market though this will take time. I expect the number of plans to start increasing and nearly 45,000 assessments in just over six months really underlines that people are aspiring to make their homes more energy efficient ahead of autumn and winter. ”

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