Insulation Grants now 100% Free in almost all areas of the UK

11 May 2012

For a limited time only, 100% Free Insulation Grants are available in almost all areas of the UK to cover the full cost of having Cavity Wall and/or Loft Insulation professionally installed.

The Free Insulation Grants allow all homeowners and private tenants, in qualifying postcode areas, to save up to £800 on the typical cost and have Cavity Wall Insulation and/or Loft Insulation installed completely free, regardless of age or circumstances.

The 100% Free Insulation Grants have been made available by energy companies who are falling short of meeting a Carbon Emissions Reduction Target (CERT), placed on them by the Government, and who risk receiving a fine.

As heating bills continue to rise - Centrica have today announced that higher gas costs are set to add £50 to the cost of supplying the average household this year - Cavity Wall and Loft Insulation remain the two most energy efficient ways to make large savings on your energy bills and retain heat in your home.

Cavity Wall Insulation will stop the majority of heat from escaping through your home’s walls and will result in large energy bill savings of up to £135 per year.

A fully insulated loft will act as a blanket, preventing up to 25% of the heat that is lost through your home’s roof. This will help to keep your home warm, allowing you to leave your heating off for longer and make savings of up to £175 per year on your energy bills.

It is also possible to claim a Free Loft Insulation Grant to top up a partially insulated loft, which will typically allow you to make savings on your energy bill of up to £45 per year.

In the few postcode areas which are not part of the 100% Free Insulation Grant scheme, private households, where anyone is aged 70 or above, or in receipt of a qualifying benefit, will also qualify for a 100% Free Insulation Grant. All other homeowners and private tenants qualify for an Insulation Grant of up to 70% of the cost.

Anyone interested in applying for a 100% Free Insulation Grant is urged to act fast.

All Grants are due to end on 31st December 2012; however, there is no guarantee that 100% Free Insulation Grants will last until the end of the year. Once the funding runs out, the scheme will end.

To find out if you qualify for a 100% Free Cavity Wall Insulation and/or Loft Insulation Grant, and to check your home’s suitability, simply Apply Online by completing our short form. Demand is increasing so don't leave it too late.

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