Interest in Green Deal is Growing

13 February 2013

The general public is becoming more aware of the Green Deal, a survey has found.

The Green Deal is the Government’s latest energy efficiency initiative designed to offer financial assistance to those looking to make improvements to the property.

A recent survey found that 39% of people questioned were aware of the Green Deal scheme. That number is nearly double those that admitted to being aware of the scheme when it was launched two weeks ago on 28 January.

The survey was conducted by Behaviour Change, a social enterprise company working with the Government to make it easy for people to live sustainable lives. The survey sampled the opinions of more than 1,960 adults.

The sudden awareness of the scheme comes after the Government initiated its £2.9M advertising campaign, which sees the Green Deal promoted on television, radio and in print.

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The premise of the Green Deal is to offer a loan to those householders and commercial property owners that wish to make energy efficient improvements to their property. Such improvements include loft insulation, solid wall insulation, boiler replacement, and improved glazing.

The loan – which means no upfront payment is required by the person making the improvements – is paid back over an agreed time scale and in conjunction with that person’s standard energy bill.

Uniquely, the loan is attached to the property and not the householder. If the person responsible for the improvements moves to another address, the loan remains with the initial property and will become the responsibility of the new householder.

Those taking on a Green Deal loan will also be entitled to cashback under the Government scheme. This allows for additional monies to be received for each improvement that is made. For example, a sum of £650 cashback is available to those that undertake solid wall insulation, while households fitting loft insulation will be entitled to £100.

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In addition to increased awareness, Behaviour Change’s survey also showed that 30% of those questioned believed it is was important to install measures such as loft insulation in order to improve energy efficiency.

Furthermore, more than 50% believed that the Green Deal will make a positive difference, 8% of whom believe it will make a 'big' difference.

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