Energy Saving Trust Publish Increased Home Insulation Savings Figures

14 December 2011

The Energy Saving Trust has published increased Home Insulation savings figures on their website, which reflect this year’s rising household energy prices.

A household with both Loft Insulation and Cavity Wall Insulation will better retain heat and can now subsequently reduce energy bills by up to £310 per year; £175 from Loft Insulation and £135 by filling Cavity Walls.

Compared to last year’s Home Insulation savings of up to £265 per year - £150 for Loft Insulation and £115 from Cavity Wall Insulation – the savings represent a 16-17% increase, which is in line with the rate that Energy Bills have typically risen by this year.

Savings from Loft Insulation top ups are also expected to increase; the more that energy bills rise, the greater the savings from Home Insulation.

Following severe weather warnings, with the temperature and snow expected to fall this week, now presents an opportune time for home owners and private tenants to insulate, guard against colder conditions and take advantage of energy bill savings.

Loft Insulation remains one of the most energy efficient ways of keeping a household warm and helps prevent up to 25% of heat being lost through a home’s roof. Cavity Wall Insulation can help prevent up to 35% of heat being lost through a home’s walls.

There are also non-repayable UK Government Grants currently available for all home owners and private tenants, regardless of circumstances, which can cover up to the full cost of installation.

A full Government Insulation Grant will equate to an £800 saving on the average cost of installing both Loft and Cavity Wall Insulation. A partial Grant can lead to a reduction of £500, leaving £298 to pay. The Grants are also applied instantly off the normal cost.

However, Insulation Grants will not last forever with the current scheme due to end in Autumn 2012. Private tenants and homeowners, therefore, are encouraged to act fast to claim a Grant while they are still available.

To find out which Grant you qualify for and to take advantage of increased savings from Home Insulation, simply complete the Online Form.

EnergyLink can then arrange for you to receive a free no-obligation Insulation survey and, if you are happy to proceed, our installers will carry out the work and claim the Grant amount for you at a later date.

For more information, read about Cavity Wall Insulation and Loft Insulation.

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