New Staff Boost for Scottish Green Deal Provider

19 April 2013

A small Scottish Green Deal provider is reporting that the new Government scheme could be responsible for up to 150 new jobs.

Glasgow-based Home Energy & Lifestyle Management Systems (HELMS) was recently awarded Green Deal provider status, making it the first small Scottish company to offer energy efficiency improvements under the flagship scheme.

HELMS joins companies such as major energy suppliers British Gas and SSE in providing the service to Scottish residents and businesses.

Under the Government’s new scheme, householders and businesses across Britain can make energy efficient improvements to their property without paying the upfront cost.

The cost of improvement is covered by the scheme, with recipients repaying the total sum from their future energy bills. The loan period can extend up to 25 years.

Under the scheme’s ‘Golden Rule’, the cost of improvement must not exceed the sum of that which can be saved, meaning those taking advantage of the scheme will never be out of pocket.

Measures such as Cavity Wall Insulation, Solar Panel Installation, and Boiler Repair are just some of the 45 property improvements that can be carried out under the scheme.

In order to receive financial assistance, properties must first be examined by a certified assessor before a financial plan and contract is signed with a registered provider. Once a plan is in place, a certified Green Deal installer can be approached to complete the necessary improvements.

According to Doug Wilkies, director at HELMS, the company is expecting to double its workforce from 150 to 300 as a direct result of becoming a registered Green Deal provider.

Wilkies is also Director at PV Solar UK Ltd, the largest supplier of solar power systems in Britain.

Now, in addition to providing solar power systems – which are one of the 45 improvements available under the Green Deal – Wilkies will also be responsible for rolling out measures such as Cavity Wall Insulation and Boiler Replacement.

News of the potential employment boost at HELMS will be gratefully received by the Government.

According to the Department for Energy and Climate Change (DECC), the Green Deal is expected to create 250,000 new jobs before 2030.

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