2000 Rural Properties In Scotland To Receive Free Insulation
7 January 2014
The Energy Company Obligation will see £5.4m of funding made available to Scotland's poorest households in a bid to improve home insulation.

Energy Suppliers Incentivised To Insulate
20 December 2013
With plans under way to adjust the Energy Company Obligation, the Government is considering offering energy firms further incentives to continue fitting insulation.

Number Of Fuel Poor In Scotland Falls Thanks To Home Insulation
14 December 2014
Improvements in home insulation have seen the number of Scottish households living in fuel poverty fall by 10 per cent.

Mark Group Wins £1.8M External Wall Insulation Contract
13 December 2013
244 homes in South Wales will be fitted with External Wall Insulation after an agreement was reached between the Mark Group and a local housing association.

Half A Million To Insulate Oxford
11 December 2013
Council officials have pledged £500,000 from Energy Company Obligation funds to improve External Wall Insulation in and around Oxford.

Loft Insulation Helps To Reduce Scottish Fuel Poverty
10 December 2013
Loft Insulation is one of the factors that has contributed to a drop in the number of Scottish homes in fuel poverty, a recent survey has revealed.

500 Staffordshire Homes To Receive Free External Wall Insulation
4 December 2013
Social housing tenants in Burton upon Trent, Staffordshire are set to benefit from a scheme offering free External Wall Insulation.

Home Insulation Scheme Reforms Announced
2 December 2013
The Government has announced reforms to the Energy Company Obligation and Green Deal which are designed to cut fuel bills while still insulating the country.

Retrofit Summit To Focus On ECO Insulation Scheme
28 November 2013
The future of the Energy Company Obligation home insulation scheme will be up for debate at the Retrofit Summit in December

Think Tank Calls For Help To Heat Insulation Scheme
27 November 2013
According to the IPPR think tank, the Green Deal and Energy Company Obligation should be revamped to offer better value energy efficient improvements.

Charities Urge Government To Back Energy Company Obligation
26 November 2013
A collective of UK charities and other organisations is calling for the Government to back the Energy Company Obligation.

ECO Grants Benefit Berwick Residents
25 November 2013
Energy Company Obligation funding has resulted in hundreds of Berwick households being identified for insulation and energy saving improvements.

New Energy Efficiency Scheme For Cambridgeshire Residents
22 November 2013
A new energy efficiency scheme in Cambridgeshire could see local residents benefit from free or reduced insulation and other energy saving measures.

Green Deal Plans Into Four Figures
19 November 2013
The latest Government figures show that the Energy Company Obligation and Green Deal have begun to make an impact on British homes.

Social Landlords Seek To Retain And Improve Insulation Scheme
13 November 2013
The Government's decision to review the Energy Company Obligation has brought criticism from SHIFT, an organisation responsible for the homes of 3 million people.

Bradford Residents To Benefit From Insulation Grant Scheme
11 November 2013
Residents in Bradford will soon benefit from lower fuel bills and warmer homes thanks to a council scheme providing free and subsidised home insulation.

NIA Backs Energy Company Obligation
8 November 2013
The National Insulation Association is calling on the Government to improve its Energy Company Obligation scheme, not scrap it.

Interest Free Green Deal Becomes A Possibility
5 November 2013
Free insulation and a cheaper Green Deal may now be on the horizon after the DEAC announced that it was offering affordable loans and a 0% bond.

Welsh Railway Cottages Benefit From External Wall Insulation
25 October 2013
A group of railway cottages in Flintshire, North-East Wales, has benefited from free External Wall Insulation thanks to the Energy Company Obligation and NPower.

Cornwall MP Promotes Energy Efficiency
24 October 2013
MP Sarah Newton is hoping to assist Cornwall residents cut the cost of their energy bill with a guide that details the benefits of energy efficient homes.

Householders Urged Not To Forget Energy Efficiency
22 October 2013
With debates about wind farms and fracking gaining momentum, the Energy Saving Trust is warning householders not to dismiss the benefits of home insulation.

Energy Saving Week Promotes Benefits of Insulation
21 October 2013
The Energy Saving Trust is recommending Cavity Wall Insulation and Loft Insulation as part of its Energy Saving Week.

British Gas Announces 9.2% Price Increase
17 October 2013
With the announcement that British Gas is to increase its prices by 9.2%, home insulation could be the key to saving money.

£9M Boost for Scotland's Fuel Poor
15 October 2013
Solid Wall Insulation and other home insulation measures are to be made available for free to some of Scotland's poorest households, thanks to a £9m boost in funding.

Lib Dems & The NIA Defend Green Taxes
15 October 2013
Lib Dem leader Nick Clegg has defended the green policies which help pay for cavity wall insulation and other energy saving measures, saying they save more money than they cost.

New External Wall Insulation Training Facility
14 October 2013
A new training centre has been launched to help increase the number of professionally trained External Wall Insulation contractors available.

£70M Extra Support For Fuel Poverty In Wales
13 October 2013
The Welsh Government has confirmed it will invest a further £70m in a bid to reduce fuel poverty by installing energy efficient measures such as Solid Wall Insulation.

Insulate To Combat Energy Price Hikes
10 October 2013
The Government is urging bill payers to consider installing Cavity Wall Insulation, Loft Insulation, and Solid Wall Insulation in the wake of SSE's price increase announcement.

London Council Pioneers External Wall Insulation Scheme
9 October 2013
Residents in the London Borough of Hillingdon are set to benefit from a council scheme offering free or reduced-rate External Wall Insulation.

Plumb Center Calls For Better Green Deal Promotion
7 October 2013
Britain's leading supplier of building materials is calling for better promotion of the Green Deal, the Government's energy efficiency initiative.

Worcester Homes Set To Benefit From Green Schemes
7 October 2013
A £420 million deal will see Worcester residents benefit from the Green Deal and Energy Company Obligation.

Insulate To Keep Up With Your Neighbours
1 October 2013
An online toolkit offered by energy supplier E.ON could see more householders opting for insulation by showing their neighbour's energy use.

UK's Biggest External Wall Insulation Scheme Announced
24 September 2013
Almost 5,000 Watford homes will benefit from External Wall Insulation by 2015 thanks to the Energy Companies Obligation.

International Carbon Reduction Puts Spotlight on Insulation
23 September 2013
As the IPCC warns that carbon emissions must be greatly reduced, insulation available under the Green Deal and ECO will help reduce emissions and save money.

Green Deal Is a Good Deal on Mid-Size Loans
18 September 2013
Loans provided under the Government’s Green Deal provide good value for money for those looking to borrow £1,500-£5,000, it has been found.

Green Deal & ECO Boosts Cavity Wall and Loft Insulation
17 September 2013
The Green Deal and Energy Company Obligation are contributing factors to an increase in the installation of Cavity Wall Insulation and Loft Insulation.

Majority Install After Green Deal Assessment
17 September 2013
More than 80% of householders plan to make energy efficient home improvements after a Green Deal assessment, the Government has revealed.

Insulate To Delay Heating Switch On
17 September 2013
Householders are being urged to insulate their homes to beat the cold weather this winter.

Lib Dems To Re–Launch Green Deal
14 September 2013
After a slow start, the Liberal Democrats plan to re–launch the Green Deal in order to better maximise the scheme's potential.

Save While You Store With Loft Insulation Boards
11 September 2013
Householders having Loft Insulation fitted under the Green Deal and ECO can also benefit from paying to have loft boards fitted

Energy Saving Generation Gap to be Bridged by Green Deal & ECO
11 September 2013
An NPower survey shows there is a generational gap when it comes to the perception of energy saving, something the Government hopes to tackle with it's Green Deal initiative.

38 Per Cent of UK Population Concerned About Heating Bills
5 September 2013
More than one in three UK residents are worried about the cost of energy bills as the price of fuel continues to rise.

British Gas Unveils Cash–Saving ECO Tool
20 August 2013
The latest online tool from British Gas is designed to clarify which energy efficient measures consumers are entitled to under the Energy Company Obligation.

Insulation and Awareness Helps Household Energy Consumption Fall
16 August 2013
Insulation initiatives and a better awareness of energy efficiency are resulting in a fall in energy consumption, the Government reports.

Mortgage Lenders Happy With Green Deal Finance
25 July 2013
The Green Deal is unlikely to hamper future house sales, the Council of Mortgage Lenders has confirmed.

Government Launches Green Deal Communities Scheme
25 July 2013
The Government has unveiled the Green Deal Communities scheme, an initiative designed to have local authorities thinking creatively about the Green Deal.

North East to Benefit from UK's Largest Green Deal Agreement
25 July 2013
Newcastle and the North East is set to benefit from Warm Up North, a £200 million scheme designed to bring the benefits of the Green Deal to Tyneside.

NICEIC: Interest in Green Deal Ramping Up
18 July 2013
NICEIC, the leading body in Green Deal Installer certification, has confirmed that interest in the Government scheme is on the increase.

Industry Insiders Back the Green Deal Despite Slow Start
18 July 2013
Despite the early uptake being slow, industry experts are giving their backing to the Green Deal, believing it to offer a great deal.

300 Households Taking Advantage of Green Deal: ECO Powering Ahead
18 July 2013
Government statistics show that the Green Deal is slowly taking off while more than 100,000 households have already benefitted from the Energy Company Obligation.

Accredited External Wall Insulation Could Save Hundreds
16 July 2013
A new accredited External Wall Insulation system could save households looking to utilise the Green Deal and Energy Company Obligation up to £475 per year.

Government Disputes Energy Firm's Price Increase Claims
16 July 2013
The Government has rebutted claims from energy provider NPower that suggest energy bills are likely to rise by £240 in the next seven years.

DECC Not Fazed By Green Deal Overheating Claims
12 July 2013
The Government has responded to claims that the Green Deal could actually be leading to overheating, stating that a lack of adequate insulation is the real problem.

DECC Unveils Renewable Heat Incentive
12 July 2013
Homeowners installing renewable heat technology are set to receive a financial reward, the Government has revealed.

Green Deal Firm Handed £45,000 ‘Nuisance’ Fine
11 July 2013
A Manchester marketing company promoting the Green Deal has been served a £45,000 fine for nuisance calls, just days after another was fined £125,000.

New Government Scheme Aims To Save Energy For Businesses
11 July 2013
A new Government energy saving scheme could save UK companies as much as £1.9 billion on their fuel bill.

Government Redefines Fuel Poverty
9 July 2013
The Government has altered the definition of fuel poverty, a move that could see more people benefit from the Green Deal and Energy Company Obligation.

Green Deal Competition Sees Brighton Homes Given Eco Makeover
4 July 2013
A competition run by Brighton & Hove Council has seen 10 households receive £10,000 worth of Green Deal home improvements for free.

Scottish Households Urged To Take Advantage Of Green Deal Assessments
1 July 2013
In a bid to cut the cost of energy bills, the Scottish Government is urging householders to take advantage of a scheme offering free Green Deal assessments.

Green Deal Assessments Proving Popular But No Live Plans In Place
27 June 2013
Nearly 40,000 Green Deal assessments and almost 82,000 ECO energy saving measures have been carried out since January, the latest figures show.

Scottish Government Unveils Warm Home Plans
25 June 2013
Under a new Governmental policy, all homes in Scotland will be fitted with Cavity Wall and Loft Insulation before 2020, it has been revealed.

Green Deal Motivating Consumer Action
25 June 2013
A recent survey shows that nearly half of households that have received a Green Deal assessment have gone on to make energy saving improvements.

Stockton-On-Tees Receives Insulation Boost
21 June 2013
Stockton-On-Tees Council has revealed that its free External Wall Insulation scheme will be extended to include another 5,000 properties.

Redditch County Council Latest To Implement Green Deal
21 June 2013
Redditch County Council and Carillion are turning to the Green Deal and Energy Company Obligation to ease financial strains in the region.

Carillion, SSE To Deliver Affordable Warmth
21 June 2013
Support services provider Carillion has joined forces with energy company SSE to offer affordable warmth to at risk households.

TV’s Tommy Walsh Ushers In Solent Green Deal
17 June 2013
Ground Force star Tommy Walsh joins Eastleigh, Hampshire councillors, residents to launch the Solent Green Deal, a scheme aiming to cut cost of energy bills.

Sale of Bankrupt Green Deal Provider Close?
17 June 2013
The DECC will be among those hoping a quick sale of Enact Energy - which went into administration last month - will be forthcoming.

Going Green Adds £16,000 to Property Value
17 June 2013
A recent Government report shows that energy-efficient UK properties can be worth an average of £16,000 more than non-efficient properties.

Renewable Energy Favoured by Small Businesses
14 June 2013
A recent survey shows that solar PV and self-generation are popular with small businesses planning on applying for Green Deal funding.

Save Money with an Eco-Friendly Home Makeover
14 June 2013
Cavity Wall Insulation and other eco-friendly home improvement measures can help householders save money thanks to the Green Deal.

Energy Supplier Myths Could Cost Consumers
10 June 2013
A new report shows that consumers are put off switching energy suppliers by a number of common misconceptions, something Energy UK hopes to change.

Green Deal Explained in New Online Resource
10 June 2013
A new online course provided by the National Skills Academy for Environmental Technologies offers a comprehensive overview of the Green Deal.

Richmond Groups Offered Energy Grants
10 June 2013
Richmond Council is offering grants to local groups and not-for-profit organisations looking to make or promote energy efficient changes.

Telford & Wrekin Council in £30m Green Deal
7 June 2013
Telford & Wrekin Council has teamed up with Carillion to provide locals with energy efficient improvements under the Government's Green Deal.

Government to Sponsor Green Economy Awards
5 June 2013
In a bid to promote its carbon reduction and energy efficiency initiatives, the DECC is to sponsor three categories at the Green Economy Awards.

Green Deal Set To Have ‘Huge Impact’
4 June 2013
Minister for Energy and Climate Change, Greg Barker has heralded the Green Deal and Energy Company Obligation but admits there's more to be done.

NIA Leads Solid Wall Insulation Market Transformation
30 May 2013
The National Insulation Association is looking to promote Solid Wall Insulation under the Government's ECO and Green Deal initiatives.

NICEIC Emerges As Green Deal Certification Leader
21 May 2013
Having certified 380 companies, NICEIC - a voluntary regulatory body - has emerged as the leader in Green Deal Certification.

Mortgage Lenders Back Green Deal
20 May 2013
Major UK mortgage lenders LBG and Nationwide have expressed their support of the Green Deal, while the CML works closely with DECC.

Birmingham Unemployed Given Green Deal Boost
16 May 2013
Catalyst Mutual Enterprise is offering Birmingham’s unemployed the opportunity to train as Green Deal advisors.

Close to 19,000 Green Deal Assessments Lodged
14 May 2013
The DECC is reporting that nearly 19,000 Green Deal assessments have been lodged since January, with more than half of these coming during April.

Green Deal, ECO Measures on Show in Demonstration House
13 May 2013
Larkfleet construction group has built a demonstration home showcasing 27 of the 45 energy efficient home improvements available through the Green Deal and ECO.

Climate Change Minister Checks in at Manchester Green Expo
10 May 2013
Climate Change Minister Greg Barker attended the Greenbuild Expo in Manchester, with the Green Deal being one of the hot topics up for discussion.

First Green Deal Plan Submitted Direct to GDFC
10 May 2013
British Gas is the first Green Deal provider to submit a Green Deal plan direct to the Green Deal Finance Company, thanks to software by Stroma Certification.

Green Deal Technical Support Partner Confirmed
9 May 2013
The Nostrum Group has been confirmed as technical support to the Green Deal Finance Company, and will responsible for administrating Green Deal Plans.

University Researchers to Put Green Deal Under the Microscope
8 May 2013
The University of Salford will study the Government's Green Deal to establish the savings that can be made by installing measures such as Cavity Wall Insulation.

Ofgem Recognises E.ON for Home Insulation Scheme Success
6 May 2013
E.ON is one of the energy companies being applauded for its efforts in improving home insulation across the UK.

£50m ECO Grant Funding to Save Families Money and Create Jobs
4 May 2013
Southampton City Council is looking to utilise £50m ECO funding to improve the energy efficiency of its housing stock.

No Need for Concerns Over Energy Company Obligation Grants
2 May 2013
With news surfacing that elderly and disabled people are put off by the complexity of the Green Deal and ECO, the Government is hoping to clarify matters.

Insulation Boost as 99% of Energy Efficiency Targets Met
1 May 2013
Six million UK homes have benefited from improved insulation under Government schemes initiated since 2008.

Industry to Clamp Down on Fraudulent Green Deal Traders
30 April 2013
Householders are being warned to be weary of door sellers promoting Green Deal schemes after a slew of bogus traders were reported to Trading Standards.

UK Government Going Green
30 April 2013
The UK Government's commitment to reducing carbon emissions continues with the Green Deal, a flagship energy efficiency scheme offering help to all.

Green Deal Benefits Commercial Landlords
30 April 2013
With new commercial tenants at a premium, landlords are being advised to turn to the Green Deal and energy efficient improvements.

First Non-Domestic Green Deal Assessment Report Lodged
26 April 2013
Muswell Hill Golf Club is the first commercial enterprise to lodge a Green Deal assessment.

New Staff Boost for Scottish Green Deal Provider
19 April 2013
HELMS, Scotland’s first small Green Deal provider, expects to generate 150 new jobs as a direct result of the new Government initiative.

Leeds Launches ‘UK’s Largest’ Green Deal Scheme
17 April 2013
Leeds City Region Partnership will launch the largest Green Deal scheme in the UK that will see thousands of properties insulated.

CIGA Adds Financial Backing to Green Deal
16 April 2013
The Cavity Insulation Guarantee Agency (CIGA) has provided the Green Deal Financial Company with funds to aid insulation improvement under the Government scheme.

Energy Giants Back Green Deal Finance
12 April 2013
British Gas and other ‘Big Six’ UK energy companies are amongst those pumping money into the Green Deal.

Green Deal Finance Paves Way for Mass Insulation
11 April 2013
An agreement is now in place to fund the Green Deal, allowing households across the UK to seek financial support for installing insulation.

First Green Deal Plans Ready To Approve
11 April 2013
The Green Deal Finance Company has confirmed that funding is now in place, paving the way for Green Deal Plans to be approved.

Big Increase In Green Deal Assessments During March
11 April 2013
The latest Government figures show a huge increase in the number of Green Deal Assessments being lodged.

Energy Debt Extends To 5m Homes
9 April 2013
Five million UK households are in debt to energy suppliers, a recent survey has revealed. That's a growth of more than a million in just 12 months.

Green Deal and ECO Roadshow for Landlords
8 April 2013
A new initiative is being launched by NEA and the NIA to educate landlords to the benefits of cavity wall insulation and other Green Deal improvements.

Free Insulation For All Thanks To Carbon Tax Windfall
31 March 2013
Campaigners are asking the Government to take monies received for carbon tax and invest it in the insulation industry, creating jobs and cutting bills.

Green Deal Finance Towards Solar PV
28 March 2013
DECC has confirmed that Solar PV installation is the latest home improvement to be covered by the Green Deal.

Public Backs Green Investment
28 March 2013
Nearly 60% of the public believe the Government should invest in green industries - including home insulation - to promote economic growth.

Energy Policies Such As Home Insulation Schemes Reducing Bills
27 March 2013
Government schemes such as the Green Deal, which promotes Cavity Wall and Loft Insulation, are helping to reduce household energy bills.

Young People Aspire to Green Economy
15 March 2013
Nearly 60 per cent of young people would like to work in the green economy, according to a recent survey.

1,800 Green Deal Assessments Conducted in Opening Month
14 March 2013
Government reports show that more than 1,800 Green Deal assessments were conducted within the first month of the scheme launching.

£244m Green Deal Funding Package Agreed
13 March 2013
In an agreement signed with the GIB, the Green Deal Finance Company will receive £244m to put towards Green Deal improvements.

60,000 Jobs Supported By Green Deal
8 March 2013
The Government has reported that the Green Deal - which provides Solid Wall and Cavity Wall Insulation - now supports 60,000 jobs in the insulation sector.

Green Deal to Help Millions of Householders Install Insulation
5 March 2013
The Government has revealed that millions of UK households can cut their energy bills by installing Solid Wall, Cavity Wall and Loft Insulation.

Climate Week Promotes Green Deal
1 March 2013
The Green Deal will take centre stage next week as Climate Week gets underway, complete with a Q&A session with the head of DECC.

Loft Insulation Performance Reduced By Storage
28 February 2013
A large number of UK householders are hindering the performance of loft insulation by using the attic as storage space.

Hundreds of Green Deal Assessments Completed
28 February 2013
DECC is reporting that hundreds of Green Deal assessments have been completed just one month after the scheme launched.

Households Urged to Insulate Rather Than Go Without Heating
27 February 2013
As reports show householders have chosen to go without heating, the Government's Green Deal is promoting Cavity Wall Insulation as a way of saving on heating bills.

Cold Weather Boosts British Gas Profits
27 February 2013
The Government is urging households to take advantage of Cavity Wall and Loft Insulation in the wake of news that British Gas profits continue to soar.

Solid Wall Insulation 25 Year Guarantee Confirmed
21 February 2013
Solid Wall Insulation will be guaranteed for 25 years under new Government guidance relating to the Energy Company Obligation and the Green Deal.

Consumers Advised to Check Green Deal Product Guarantees
20 February 2013
Unlike some guarantees for products installed under the Green Deal, Cavity Wall Insulation is covered for a full 25 years by the Cavity Insulation Guarantee Agency.

Landlords More Positive About Energy Efficiency
19 February 2013
Landlords are becoming more aware of, and interested in, products such as cavity wall insulation since the Government's flagship Green Deal has begun.

Loft & Cavity Wall Insulation To Combat Predicted Energy Price Rises
19 February 2013
With Government reports that energy prices could rise in the wake of dwindling reserves, measures like Loft and Cavity Wall Insulation look certain to be money savers.

Interest in Green Deal is Growing
13 February 2013
Interest in and awareness of the Green Deal are on the rise, according to a recent survey, which is good news for the Government's new energy efficiency scheme.

Green Deal Officially Launched
28 January 2013
The Green Deal was unveiled by the UK government on 28 January 2013 to provide financial assistance to those householders looking to make energy efficiency improvements.

15 New Measures Added to Green Deal
17 January 2013
15 additional measures have been introduced to the Green Deal, a scheme that offers financial assistance to those making improvements such as loft insulation.

Green Deal Cashback Goes Live
14 January 2013
The Government has announced the Green Deal Cashback Scheme, designed to encourage households to get involved with the DECC's energy efficiency drive.

Planning Rules Relaxed for External Wall Insulation
10 January 2013
To enhance its new Green Deal initiative, the Government has relaxed rules relating to external wall insulation, meaning most householders no longer have to apply for planning permission.

'Too messy, too difficult' gives false impression of Loft Insulation
26 June 2012
Recent research has revealed that over a quarter of UK homeowners have not had Loft Insulation installed - even though it is possible to get it for free...

Top 10 Ways to Cut Your Energy Bills This Year
31 May 2012
A common problem faced by many UK homeowners currently is the cost of rising energy bills. Recent reports have highlighted that some households are going without...

As Seen on ITV Daybreak - Free Loft Insulation Grants
29 May 2012
If you watched ITV's Daybreak this morning, you will have seen Money Saving Expert Martin Lewis discussing Free Loft Insulation Grants. These are currently...

Energy bills rising seven times faster than household incomes
18 May 2012
The price of energy bills in the UK have risen seven times faster than the average households income in the last eight years, research published this week has...

Insulation Grants now 100% Free in almost all areas of the UK
11 May 2012
For a limited time only, 100% Free Insulation Grants are available in almost all areas of the UK to cover the full cost of having Cavity Wall and/or Loft Insulation...

Millions of homes could still benefit from Insulation
12 March 2012
The latest figures released by the Department of Energy and Climate Change (DECC) show that almost 17 million households in the UK are still without adequate Loft...

Insulate your home and cut your energy bills by up to £310
19 January 2012
Scottish Power this week became the last of the 'big six' energy suppliers to reduce their prices in 2012, with the announcement that it will cut the cost...

Final chance to have your say on the Green Deal
17 January 2012
The consultation for the Government's Green Deal will close today, Wednesday 18th January, presenting the last chance for individuals and organisations to...

Big Energy Week aims to help tackle rising energy costs
16 January 2012
Today marks the start of the Citizens' Advice Bureau Big Energy Week - running from 16th until 21st January - which aims to provide help and advice to consumers...

Energy Saving Trust Publish Increased Home Insulation Savings Figures
14 December 2011
The Energy Saving Trust has published increased Home Insulation savings figures on their website, which reflect this year's rising household energy prices...

Apply for a Home Insulation Grant to help fight Fuel Poverty
07 December 2011
Recent figures, published in the Guardian, show that a quarter of all households in England, Scotland and Wales - up from nearly one in five last year - have...

How to Get a Warm Home That Saves You Money
07 December 2011
Here we are again at this year's Energy Saving Week which is hosted annually by The Energy Saving Trust. The theme of this year's week is WASTE and here we...

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