UK's Biggest External Wall Insulation Scheme Announced

24 September 2013

Watford residents are set to benefit from a £20 million scheme designed to improve the energy efficiency of homes in the Hertfordshire town, it has been revealed.

Almost 5,000 homes around the town will be fitted with External Wall Insulation by 2015, thanks to the Government’s Energy Companies Obligation (ECO) initiative.

The project, which will help create new jobs in the area, will reduce carbon emissions and make Watford homes more energy efficient, two results the Department of Energy and Climate Change (DECC) is currently promoting as it looks to plug what it refers to as the UK’s leaky housing stock. The project will also generate more aesthetically pleasing properties.

The scheme is being organised by Watford Community Housing Trust (WCHT).

The scheme will be managed by CosySeal Group, a Stockton-on-Tees company that specialises in External Wall Insulation as well as a number of other energy saving installations. CosySeal will work in conjunction with Weatherby Building Systems Ltd., who will oversee the project, regulate the onsite installers, and ensure all ECO regulations are met.

“With such a major project, we needed to ensure that all the partners we work with have the expertise to handle such work,” said Jamie Scott Robson, Cosyseal Group’s project manager for the scheme.

“Wetherby’s experience of successfully installing External Wall Insulation solutions over the last 15 years, combined with its knowledge of working under strict ECO guidelines, made it the ideal choice for this project. Wetherby provided External Wall Insulation systems for some of the UK’s largest schemes under the CESP and CERT schemes and, under the transition to ECO, has continued to supply solutions for some of the major ECO projects.”

Tina Barnard, Chief Executive of Watford Community Housing Trust, told the Watford Observer: "This is a real win-win-win situation - this work will not only reduce energy bills for our tenants, but it will be good for the environment and create local jobs too. We can’t wait to get started."

The current plan calls for 4,700 properties across a number of Watford estates to be fitted with External Wall Insulation by 2015. This makes it the largest scheme of its type currently in place.

In addition to WCHT properties, private home owners living on the same estates will also be able to install External Wall Insulation, with many qualifying for free insulation under the Energy Companies Obligation.

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